Girişimci Otomotiv San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Girişimci Otomotiv San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

The company was founded in Bursa by Abdulbasit KIRK and Mustafa KIRK.

Including mainly MITSUBISHI HYUNDAI, ISUZU, NISSAN UD engines used construction equipment, trucks, vans and buses, spare parts for sale, manufacture, import, export and manufacture of molds.

Our main replacement parts groups are;

Mitsubishi Fuso, Isuzu, UD Nissan, Hyundai, Sumitomo, Kato, Tadano, Kobelco, Furukawa brand Trucks, Truck, Bus and business machines, as well as of the body & body both electrical and mechanical spare parts.

Our company has over 30 years of experience and industry experience in spare parts, expert and professional staff, which is the basic principle of fairness, honesty and sincerity to you within the framework of the new products of the highest quality and offers the most affordable prices.

Our company is "Quality Service", "High Quality Product", "Express Logistics" and "Reasonable Price" principle, to reveal the difference. To stand by our products and our duty to stand by our customers after the sale.

we offer our products in wholesale dealers that available in a wide sales network in Turkey. Also we have exported our products directly from Africa and the Middle East have a wide customer base.

Productions since 2001 under the brand name'' GİRİŞİMCİ'' realizing registered. For the past few years, our company has been a year of change and progress in line with the growing demands of our customers and increased the variety of products and brands.

For this purpose, the Japanese company specializing in the motor bearings are distributor of NDC. Following this development, in particular the engine's oil pump, circulation pumps, brake pads and parts, specialized in the production of cylinder block and camshaft TBK another Japanese company, we have acquired the distributorship. These two companies is Japan's powerful engine manufacturers and the main assembly products.

Since we are in the spare parts sector for over 30 years has proven itself in these brands. No one of these brands guidance. Emphasis on the quality of the products we sell to our knowledge and experience of well know companies and their products. Therefore, at least on a product without adding to our portfolio in the region, and a period of six months after having it tested hypothesized market.

Our company will continue to provide new vision and experience to serve you. Sales of spare parts that we have done through our website you can reach us forward requests.

Our Mission
Keeping the pulse of the automotive industry, with the concept of finding a solution by adopting the philosophy of quality service, principled, disciplined and honest no matter what the market conditions of corporate identity, and technological innovations in the automotive supply industry to follow, as well as all our means to the end of the material and moral use, rather than short-term commercial prospects are the main long-term thinking,'' customer satisfaction'' with the principle of mutual co-operation of the commercial business partners to provide best service to our valued consistently.

The market by offering the highest quality products and service to our customer satisfaction standard-setter. Our network of dealers and we offer the best prices for the best quality service as soon as possible. Experienced, professional staff to find you the best solutions. Move further justify our reputation and leadership. As GİRİŞİMCİ OTO our aim is to be the leading company in the automotive sector .

Our Values:

• Customer satisfaction,

• Quality and reliability

• Time,

• Entrepreneurship,

• Research,

• Innovation,

• Team spirit,

• Efficiency,

• Contributing to Society and the National Economy,